Saturday, June 27, 2009

Tim Hamilton

It was a packed room for the Tim Hamilton show in a small gallery at Palais Brongniart. We had to wait quite a bit for the show to start and when it did they forgot to take the paper off the runway. This in turn made the ground slippery for most of the models as they kind of slid at their appearance on the runway. I found a lot of wearable pieces in this collection to no surprise. I loved the translucent trench… another trend maybe? Along with the drop crotch. The black, white, and grey color blocking on an extremely delicate top. The high sock and shoes a trend we are seeing expand. Also worth mentioning the diagonally striped tee that the hipsters would love. I liked the leather jacket he sent down as well as his shorts especially one that had a drawstring across the front. He is an American in Paris and his aesthetic clearly represents this as it always has which I think is a unique juxtaposition to have and translate. It seems as if some people are channeling the times for creativity as others are just existing. For me and my look I say job well done still as I can easily relate to his aesthetic, but maybe for someone else it’s missing that one big corky crazy progressive breakout piece.