Friday, June 26, 2009


Though the space was tight for the show I found myself seeing a lot of pieces I would love to add to my closet. First I have to address the shoes-they were ridiculous, exactly what I need. I loved all of them, they were made of a thick leather and just absolutely beautiful this is what boys and men should be wearing right now! They were very reminiscent of the Roman and Greek shoes you see in all the classical paintings and sculptures. The clothes were beautiful and delicate and served as a great contrast to the shoes. I felt like some of the tops were like so delicate almost Raquel Allegra for men!? I must mention the beautiful leather coats too… reminded me a bit of Rick Owens goes to the Sahara, but not pulling too much if that makes sense. He played a lot with draping and shapes in a wonderful way it seemed inspired which I appreciate. The color palette made up of mostly neutrals was very befitting and helped maintain the sophistication of the line. In a way sustaining and grounding the experimentation of different draping techniques. Compared to some of the other shows it was really something to take note of as it wasn’t convoluted in anyway. Most people would argue its very editorial but I would say its perfect for both day and night wear depending on the color for me!