Sunday, July 26, 2009

Alice in Wonderland

OMG!! I can't wait til next year to see this flick!!!!
The outfits!!!!!!!

Quote du Jour!

This one is for you Jamie!
Maureen Cummings: Erik got injured today. And do you know the first thing I thought when I saw him go down?
Jim Gordon: What?
Maureen Cummings: "I wish that was me." So that made me think, you know, 'cause that's not a normal reaction. How much of what you liked about me was because I was a dancer, and how much because I was me."

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Black Market

While in Stockholm, Jamie and I were talking to the locals, discussing where the rack scene was and we were pointed in the direction of Black Market. Somewhat hidden and inconspicious on Eriksgatan St. we stumbled upon its black doors and met the kind and intelligent shop owner- Cecilia Wallin. Through the velvet rope, down the all-black staircased entrance, we entered into the designer clad subterranean shop. We obviously loved the store and its layout with a meticulously chosen selection of designers ranging from Comme des Garçons , Bernhard Willhelm, Complex Geometries, Henrik Vibskov, Jeremy Scott, Damir Doma, to Vivienne Westwood! I decided we had to find out more! So I sat down with Cecilia for an interview to unearth the story of Black Market‘s origins, Stockholm and a bit of her own journey. Stay tuned for the full story in the first issue! In the meantime checkout the store's website at or in person at St Eriksgatan 79 SE 133 32 Stockholm, Sweden!

I noticed you support a lot of young designers. What is the rhyme or reason to why you buy from the designers you do?
- The new and young designers aren’t afraid of anything. They aren’t shaped or affected by the industry yet. Some of the designers went to fancy schools and some of them haven’t- I enjoy the mix a lot. This mix is how I built my concept for the store. In the mix is where interesting things happen. That’s how people dress today. It’s like flickering through someone’s wardrobe. I think it can be confusing for customers the first time you come in… you have to spend time and go through every piece and think about it. I want people tp come in and have the time to try things on and experiment.

Dirt or mud?

Describe the fashion scene of Stockholm?
Monochrome, black and denim

Stomp song?
It would probably be the newest drum and bass track that I download.

Inspiration Du Jour

I know he's a bit annoying . . . but Ash is givin' something more to the camera than a snarl or a smirk on his face???

Friday, July 17, 2009

Europa Mix

This is my On The Go Mix around Europe '09!
Not necessary the most hippest thing . . . but it helps me stomp around Paris . . . serving you the collections in the streets!

Lady GaGa -- Boys Boys Boys
Britney Spears -- Unusual You
Larry Tee -- Supermodel Inc
Janet Jackson -- Escapade
JoJo -- Leave (Get Out)
Kylie Minogue -- Like A Drug
Madonna -- Dress You Up
Nelly Furtado -- Do It
Mandy Moore -- I Wanna Be With You
Jennifer Hudson -- If This Isn't Love (StoneBridge Mix)
Britney Spears -- Trouble
Pussy Cat Dolls -- I Hate This Part
Lady GaGa -- Paparazzi
Danny Boy -- Baby Goodbye
Willa Ford -- I Wanna Be Bad
Ashlee Simpson -- Boys
Debbi Gibson -- Shake Your Love
Montell Jordan -- This Is How We Do It
Color Me Bad -- I Wanna Sex You Up
Goldfrapp -- Strict Machine
Lykke Li -- Little Bit

Monday, July 13, 2009


For all y'all who wants to be featured at the Sartorialist . . . this is a little formula to get in that blog! I think it's a bit pretentious to be even thinking to be featured in style blogs . . . I mean, I'm so over Facehunter . . . I mean, you are who you are . . . and that should be it . . . you shouldn't have to be someone else just to be mentioned on those blogs . . . everyone has their opinion and you should just listen to your instinct and be your own person!

Sunday, July 12, 2009


Summer Heights High . . . Ja'mie is my new found guilty pleasure on youtube!
I mean, she's like the Australian version of The Hills . . . but much more entertaining than LC!
It's totally Bogen!

Picture Du Jour

Backstage at the Givenchy Haute Couture show!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Reality Revisted

While Ben and I were in Stockholm . . . we visited the Moderna Museet (Modern Museum) of Stockholm . . . they had a photography exhibition on display throughout the summer . . . from photographers like Man Ray, Larry Clark, Irving Penn, etc . . . but I thought this photography series of young girls were so Lutefisk . . . I don't remember who the photographer was . . . but these pix encapsulate the whole mood of what the magazine is about . . . YOUTH!


A must see movie of the summer . . .
The Viennese fashion correspondent and the host of Funkyzeit . . . Bruno, played by Sasha Baron Cohen (Borat) . . . is flamboyant as ever . . . and will do anything to make an appearance . . . crashing a fashion show in Milan . . . making peace in the Middle East . . . tried to be kidnapped in Lebanon . . . even tried to be straight . . . all in attempt to be famous in Hollywood . . .
It was very tongue and cheek and you have to take this with loads of salt . . . cuz at some points in the film . . . I mean, there was a baby in a box at the luggage carrousel . . . so not for the faint at heart!
So, go see it . . . and be fantastisch!!!


I was in a second hand shop here in Skellefteå, Sweden . . . and I found this pocket size "TigerBeat" '70s magazine . . . I got inspired just looking inside it cuz it's sort of the prototype that I want to have in lutefisk . . . it's fun, young, fashion and full of teenage gossip!
I like the size of the magazine . . . it reminded me of my youth . . . so that could perhaps be the size of Lutefisk??? hmmm???

Friday, July 10, 2009


Our own Ben(nifer) . . . editor of the magazine was featured at . . . working his outfit down outside the Kenzo defile!
You go boy!!!!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Preview Editorial 9

Photo by: Stefane Rakita (Editor at Large of Lutefisk)
Shot in Paris, France

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

September Issue

Sorry I'm so late . . .
I can't wait to see all the drama and hoopla at Vogue!!
I mean . . . is it really far from The Devil Wears Prada . . . well, the preview is sorta leading up to it? hmmm?


                                                      photos by Thierry Wlodarcyzk

I had the chance to interview the incredibly interesting and talented artist/designer TwoTom in one of Lutefisk’s favorite stores, Kokon to Zai ( in Paris, FR the other day. Here’s a sneak peak- stay tuned for publication soon for the full story!

Where are you from?
Tokyo, Japan

Sharks or Elephant?

What’s your favorite animal?
Cats and boys

Check out his designs under the fashion tab on his website at (

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Romain Kremer

Last show of the season here in Paris and Romain did a truly amazing job! In the beginning I was scared, as I didn't see a lot of color and what appeared to be a heavy influence of McQueen. Alas though, the color stomped its way out as did Romain's orignal designs. Highlights for me included the blinded sunglasses, transparent coat (trend seen everywhere again), gradient shirts, his trademark pastel color palette, and of course the several different detailed facemasks. Seriously beautifully executed collection and well worth the wait. Perfect end to the shows here in Paris! Video coming in a few days, stay tuned!

Petar Petrov

The room was stark white and runway alike. He showed some definitely wearable pieces. I found the sunglasses to be quite interesting. I must admit I wasn't the biggest fan of the buttons on the bottom of the some of the pants or the red vinyl looking/pvc pant. I wished it would've pushed the limits and a bit more directional. However, I did like the fit on some of the suits and color blocking on a few of the sweaters and tanks. Video coming in a few days, stay tuned!

Damir Doma

I was anticipating this show! It ended up being quite interesting. Not a lot of color in the beginning, but then the rumored series of red looks came out that really were a nice break from the gray, black and cream (earth tones) color scheme. I hate to use the word relaxed, so I wont but there was lot of draping and sheer pieces, trends I would say for the season. It was very mortal combat for me. I loved the choice in models, very multiracial! There was a great oversized sleeved gray jacket I liked, a sheer draped overlay short that I could definitely see myself wearing! Video coming in a few days, stay tuned!

Jamie's B-day!

The other night smack dab in the middle of menís fashion week we celebrated our creative director, Jamie Lucaís birthday! It was a full out family affair too! Happy Birthday Jamie!

Bernhard Willhelm

Held at Place de la Bourse as usual-Bernhard showed out. The scene was guerrilla-vaudeville-painter's workshop. There were two models that were out on display from the beginning with huge black braided wigs. One of which who almost sweat nearly a bucket, the paint on his face was definitely melting and he looked as if he almost passed out. I can't blame him it though it was a bit hot in the room, but I will get to that later. Anyway the scene fit the clothes appropriately enough. The clothes had a range of influences- there was some military, and then some african prints all treated with a bit of a Dr. Seuss corkiness. I truly liked a lot of pieces- from the yellow/black/orange sweatshirt-dress-jumper, the colorblocked and drawstring socks, the bright what-I-would call modern take on african print hooded shirts, and fringed adorned shorts. I really liked his show this season. For me it was very editorial yet wearable for mixing and matching. Unfortunately right after the show ended one of the japanese buyers passed out. I would guess from the heat. It was taken care of in a very respectful way though, it was a packed show and Paris as you know is not the biggest fan of a/c- it could have happened to anyone. Video coming in a few days, stay tuned!


Inspired by one of my favorite Parisien books, "Le Petit Prince". The show started with the black walls covered in moving stars to represent the travel that the prince takes out of space. The collection was good- relaxed and simple which I thought was befitting for the story. There were a few pieces that I really liked- the double layered short and the crinkled scarf on the 29th look. I did kind of want a bit more color and it was a bit more urban than expected, but there has to be a twist somewhere right? Maybe I am jaded and fixed by the legendary illustrations of the book. As a whole I thought it was a good presentation. The end was the best for me-as they had the last model walk in pitch black with a spotlight reflecting off an oversized simply adorned black crown, which was great. Also it must be noted I could have sworn I saw Michael Jackson at the show (check the last picture- Billie Jean? RIP) Video coming in a few days, stay tuned!