Saturday, July 4, 2009


Inspired by one of my favorite Parisien books, "Le Petit Prince". The show started with the black walls covered in moving stars to represent the travel that the prince takes out of space. The collection was good- relaxed and simple which I thought was befitting for the story. There were a few pieces that I really liked- the double layered short and the crinkled scarf on the 29th look. I did kind of want a bit more color and it was a bit more urban than expected, but there has to be a twist somewhere right? Maybe I am jaded and fixed by the legendary illustrations of the book. As a whole I thought it was a good presentation. The end was the best for me-as they had the last model walk in pitch black with a spotlight reflecting off an oversized simply adorned black crown, which was great. Also it must be noted I could have sworn I saw Michael Jackson at the show (check the last picture- Billie Jean? RIP) Video coming in a few days, stay tuned!