Saturday, July 25, 2009

Black Market

While in Stockholm, Jamie and I were talking to the locals, discussing where the rack scene was and we were pointed in the direction of Black Market. Somewhat hidden and inconspicious on Eriksgatan St. we stumbled upon its black doors and met the kind and intelligent shop owner- Cecilia Wallin. Through the velvet rope, down the all-black staircased entrance, we entered into the designer clad subterranean shop. We obviously loved the store and its layout with a meticulously chosen selection of designers ranging from Comme des Garçons , Bernhard Willhelm, Complex Geometries, Henrik Vibskov, Jeremy Scott, Damir Doma, to Vivienne Westwood! I decided we had to find out more! So I sat down with Cecilia for an interview to unearth the story of Black Market‘s origins, Stockholm and a bit of her own journey. Stay tuned for the full story in the first issue! In the meantime checkout the store's website at or in person at St Eriksgatan 79 SE 133 32 Stockholm, Sweden!

I noticed you support a lot of young designers. What is the rhyme or reason to why you buy from the designers you do?
- The new and young designers aren’t afraid of anything. They aren’t shaped or affected by the industry yet. Some of the designers went to fancy schools and some of them haven’t- I enjoy the mix a lot. This mix is how I built my concept for the store. In the mix is where interesting things happen. That’s how people dress today. It’s like flickering through someone’s wardrobe. I think it can be confusing for customers the first time you come in… you have to spend time and go through every piece and think about it. I want people tp come in and have the time to try things on and experiment.

Dirt or mud?

Describe the fashion scene of Stockholm?
Monochrome, black and denim

Stomp song?
It would probably be the newest drum and bass track that I download.