Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Betch of the Week: Chris Austad

Starting a new series . . . let's see if it takes off!
Well, I had a page on my website called "Bitch of the Week" (sorta like Model of the Week at but I ask really dare I say it . . . off the cuff questions with models and fashion insiders!

So, the first victim is my friend, Chris Austad (Major Models).
As you can see . . . he's the face of Hugo Boss Frangrance!
I've known him for years . . . bumping to each other around the world . . . and I just love hanging out with him . . .

Here's what I asked him . . .

Where did you grow up?
Reppin Bellflower, CA!

Describe yourself as if you were a personal ad:
27 yrs old, straight male, blonde hair, blue eyes, athletic build, Mr. Right?? I've been told I'm decent looking, I'm confident, ambitious, love to travel, very active & stay fit, healthy, honest, loyal, optimistic, love the beach, dogs over cats, brutally honest which isn't always a good thing, very open to all peoples & cultures, and a huge Laker fan!

Is there competition between models?
yes, there is competition between models. I like to sabotage them. I get them drunk on beeer & feed them pizza, cheeseburgers, and fries to make them fat. Then I laugh really hard becaues I'm so devious! I will book every job!

Do you get free stuff?
yes, I get some things from them because I have to represent them when I do appearances or attend events. I have 5 new tailored suits hangin in the closet. stayin suited & booted!
oh ya, and the head designer for Boss Black sent me my wedding tux all the way from Stuttgart, Germany. Muchas Gracias!

Weird mishaps on shoots or in travels?
So I was booked to shoot the commercial for the Hugo Boss Pure fragrance and it was in Prague. I was in NY at the time, but spent the weekend before back home in LA. Well anyways, I get to JFK all amped for this HUGE job and I was ready to check in firstclass and do my thing, when I can't find my passport! Dammit! I couldn't book my flight, the passport was gone. I called my agency at the time which was IMG and they were pissed but cool with me on the phone. The client, production house, everyone was pissed off. I had to go all the way back into the city, spend the night, mean while everyone and their mommas was calling me to see what happened. i cost the production an insanely amount of $$ due to me not being there the first day to shoot. But somehow IMG had a contact, who had a contact, who knew a carrier that was able to pull off a miracle at the state dept. I got a new passport without my SS card! I didn't sleep that night due to nerves and people calling me from France, Prague, & NY. Then in the morning I had to go to 2 dif offices and then to the NY St. Dept of travel or something. It was raining, I was drenched, in the same clothes from the day before. And after all this it came down to the wire last min, they called my name to pick it up as I was on the phone with IMG and the client & they were about to cancel me from job. They had a car servie go pick up my luggage, come grab me from the passport office, and rush me to JKF, barely making my flight to Prague. I dried off while sitting in my 1st class seat. I showed up not having slept in 2 days, and directly went into set to shoot the first day. it was so crazy!

Have you done runway shows?
Are you energized by it or is just a job?

I do runway on the westcoast thru my runway agency LA Models, but never the big shows in Milano, Paris, or NY. I've been told I'm not a show guy. I take it as a compliment cause those guys are so skinny & androgynous. I'm more of an alpha male with a good build, classic looking. I've done prob 100 shows or more over the last 7yrs, the biggest & most fun being the Macy's Passport show in SF & LA.

Do you want to do something different later on in life?
of course, I just dont' know what the something else is yet. if you know, could u please tell me??

What is your guilty pleasure?
salt, chocolate covered almonds from Trader Joe's. and aside from watching ESPN over & over, I watch the Real World MTV even tho it fries your brain.

Who plays you in a movie?
I play myself in a movie. who else gonna do it? maybe Denzel Washington

What makes you cry?
Peeing after I've held it really long time

Who is your fashion icon?

Fave designers?
Fave designer is the boss, Hugo BOSS!

Who would you go gay for?
Chris Austad. he's so hot

Top or Bottom??
Do straight people know what that means?