Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Back to the Future

Fashion and beauty trends are often cyclical. There are only so many references one can pull from, so designers and art directors are left to modernize and combine trends and eras. As of late, the 80's have been all over the beauty industry. Heavy and expressive eyes, purposeful lips and major attitude! The 80's rears it's head every few seasons, but this time has come back without the tackiness of the excess decade. Advertising is getting straight to the point...

Chanel S/S 09~ Doesn't this scream Carol Alt?

Dior Beauty S/S 09~ Very California Dreamin' with Cheryl Tiegs.

YSL Beauty S/S 09~ Coco does Pat Benatar.

Prada campaign or Robert Palmer video?

John Galliano brings Adam Ant back to life.