Saturday, January 24, 2009

What's the Outfit!

The National US Figure Skating Championship is upon us . . . and all I'm looking forward to all the chiffon and the bedazzles on those unitards . . . and I'm talking about the men's competition! Johnny Weir . . . the most "fabulous" and fierce skater out there . . . mind you . . . he's been spotted sporting a Chanel quitted purse backstage! WORK!!! But, now the newbies are coming up and dare I say it . . . there as flamboyant as the rest of them . . .
Jeremy Abbott and Brandon Mroz (who trains at the same rink together) are coming on their own with their fluttering hand jesters and triple jumps!
(Gosh, how much would I pay to see all the drama backstage with glaring eyes and all the backstabbing gossip going on!)

I just can't wait for the World Championship that is being held here in LA in March . . . I will be in the stands covering all the cutting up and shadiness of the championship!
I can't wait!
PS: One trend at the Nationals for the men . . . SKIN!
Loads of cut-out on the shoulder and even goes down to the side torso . . . yum! I wish they changed the rule about men on tights???