Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Z for Zegna

Black, White, Slate and Red All Over…

I give it to Z for Zegna this season. They offered a bit of everything ensuring that there collection will be on point for the trend of the season- there were some play with graphics, translucence, slight geometric/color blocking and an well chosen hue of red that won’t soon be forgotten. These aspects as subtle as they are- made the collection feel a bit younger and playful for the more conservative mans closet. I found the color palette of red, black, white and the different variations of slate to be refreshing for the line that seems to at times be colorblind in the past. On that note while the color choice made sense I can’t help, but see a heavy influence of past collections by Bottega Vennetta (i.e. relaxed fabrics and cut of jackets and pants) and neil barrett (i.e. differing sleeve tones). Good, wearable show with just the right amount of personality for the more trendy everyman.