Monday, June 28, 2010

Juun J.

Modern Hood

Let me start by saying I like Juun J. I can see the line evolve with each collection. I appreciate the draping and layering approach they always seem to have. I really liked the shorts and pants they showed. Additionally the color scheme and one print that was used on shirts, pants, and backpacks that I would describe as electrified shattered glass was great. At times I feel like Juun J. gets lost in its layers and baggy proportions. While it makes a statement I don’t particular see the function behind the visor-hood-shirt or baggy jumper. I just feel like there is either too much fabric or not enough to make a point. The shoes seemed a bit on the clunky side too- like those sandals your mom bought you that were two sizes too big, but she swears you will grow into. Nonetheless the line is discernible and definitely had great pieces.