Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Gaspard Yurkievich- Fall 10

Shades of Grey. Off Kilter Stripes. New Suit.The collection shown in Paris this season seemed to be part continuation, part exploration of the increased amount of suiting Gaspard has expanded to include. He took the lines of a few of his suits he had shown before and did them again in more shades of grey. Additionally he showed a lot of disconnected stripes and belted blazers (almost a signature in the styling of his shows). I missed some of the accents and graphic touches that I have come to love from the past collections. It seems as if the styling was just a bit melancholy too. Where was the richness? I am a big fan of Gaspard’s aesthetic, but found myself slightly disappointed with some of the recycled looks. Maybe he is just sticking by his design with his suiting. Which I do appreciate he is giving new options. As a whole I did think that it was good- especially the little bits of color I saw and the suiting for reasons already stated!