Monday, January 25, 2010

Damir Doma- Fall 10

Black. Layered. Safe. Texture. Damir Doma stayed true to its tradition this season again. The line continued layering in a way that lends itself to possible new shapes while sticking between a gray and black color selection. I can’t help but notice the serious martial art-like influence Damir Doma shows every season. Contrary to last season, as noted I felt like it was missing a flow or sort of ethereal mystery that really attracted me to the line. Then again maybe I am just a bit nostalgic from the beautiful red they employed in their spring summer line shown back in June in Paris. I was missing the risk I guess in a sense. It was layered nicely and did have a concrete perspective. I did enjoy the beautiful leather/shearling jacket and the different incarnations of the pattern used at the end.