Monday, January 25, 2010

Raf Simons- Fall 10

Suit Bars. Double Breasted Buttons. Apron Skirts. Raf stepped out on a limb a bit compared to his last few collections. He really did a great job with a lot of the suiting presented making it wearable, but forward in the oversized plaid prints picked. Additionally some of the suits featured great meticulously placed bars of color on them that made them fun while being well done. One can easily see certain aspects of Jil Sander in it too while noticing the cut of a few coats and a polygon patch here and there. He placed longer, what I like to call Art Apron Skirts on the models, some even with pleats on them. This idea of the man skirt is slowly gaining face time, but I wonder how truly practical it is for most men? Especially long ones that were shown at the show, I can’t help but think design wise how that could become quite a cumbersome piece… Nonetheless I think he did one of the best jobs this season as far as suits are concerned.