Saturday, May 21, 2011

l'amour fou

I dug out of the house last night to see the new YSL documentary. I thought it was part haunting of yves, part auction documentary, part pierre's veiled struggle, part moving architectural digest. It in many respects was a moving, talking, color version of hedi slimane's work on the estate ( The majority of the film was dolly shots through the couples' homes accompanied by soft piano tracks and various fountains flowing as they appeared on screen. During these shots doors opened by themselves, lights turned on and off, walls were stripped bare--some shots lingered so long it was hard not to feel some sense of misunderstood nostalgia. It's like seeing blood on the walls but not understanding how it got there. I guess this idea goes hand in hand with an overwhelming question the film presented about the soul of things and belongings. For me the most beautiful scenes were those of Ch√Ęteau Gabriel, the saddest of the auction in Paris, and the most fashion driven a tie between the arena show and all of the finale wedding dresses. I won't lie in that I loved the scenes with Betty Catroux. I recommend it to everyone.