Friday, March 25, 2011

Nadia Plesner

From Nadia's website...."Simple Living is an idea inspired by the medias constant cover of completely meaningless things. My thought was: Since doing nothing but wearing designerbags and small ugly dogs appearantly is enough to get you on a magasine cover, maybe it is worth a try for people who actually deserves and needs attention... I felt horrified by the fact that even with the genocide and other ongoing atrocities in Darfur, Paris Hilton was the one getting all the attention. Is it possible that show business have outruled common sense?"

Well said.

Nadia is giving 100% of the profits from the T-shirt + poster to Divest for Darfur organization.

Apparently, due to the likeness of the bag that's in the t-shirt, Louis Vuitton is now suing Ms. Plesner for infringement and defamation! WTF!
Even when you're trying to save the world . . . you're getting beat down by the MAN!!!!

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