Thursday, May 7, 2009

Betch of the Week: Kendra Spears

Before she became a supermodel, I worked with Kendra Spears (Next) when she was in LA about year ago . . . before this interview . . . she was with Ford!!!
She's the sweetest girl with a really high pitch voice . . . that's how I remember her . . . she's so open with everything and you can see how beautiful she is even when she's not modeling!
I am not shocked that she shot up quickly in the ranks of supermodel-dom and now she's a fixture in the runways around the world.

I contacted her and asked her a few random questions . . . and she happily obliged!

What makes you cry?

Your defining model moment?
Gosh, I don't know. I have to say it's all been defining :)

Are you a morning or evening person? and why?
At heart I'm a night person but I decided about a year ago that I need to stop sleeping in till 1pm...

What did you eat for breakfast yesterday?
Kelloggs, boiled eggs, toast, and an orange.

Who is your BFF during fashion week?
The sandman...

Your guilty pleasure??
Shopping for cheap flights